Do you know the Carasau Bread? 

Yes, I think everyone knows this unusual bread produced in Sardinia.

In the “La Bottega di Massimo” we found the Carasau bread by Ferreli, one of the best producers in all of Sardinia.

Ferreli is an artisan bakery located in Lanusei, Sardinia.

They are at the centre of the district of Carasau bread and Pistoccu and immersed in one of the greenest areas of Sardinia: the Ogliastra.

This area, in particular, is also considered the land of centenarians’ thanks to the longevity of its habitant

I recommend you order a mixed pack containing Carasau, Pistoccu and Guttiau and then try this fantastic recipe.

Once, when I had a restaurant in London, we proposed it on the menu as “Sardinian Breakfast“. 

In the time of a month, the dish had surpassed the more traditional and well-known “English breakfast” on our menu.

But how to make at home this delicious and healthy breakfast?

Pane Frattau is the original name of this most simplistic  called by us: “Sardinian Breakfast

A simple dish just follows my instructions.

Carasau Bread with eggs
Photo by Sarah Curran via Flickr

Briefly dip the Carasau bread sheets in boiling salted water, but if you prefer, you can dip the bread sheets in a meat broth for a richer taste.

Drain them almost immediately, and place carefully them on the plate.

At this point, sprinkle the tomato sauce that you have previously heated over a drizzle of oil with garlic and grate the pecorino cheese on the top of the Carasau.

At this point, be ready with the eggs; cook them in a poach, which you get by breaking them flush with boiling water acidulated with vinegar.

When the egg white begins to clump, cook for three minutes, and take the eggs with the slotted spoon out of the water. 

Just being careful not to break them, lay them on top of the mixture of bread, sauce, and pecorino, decorated with a few basil leaves. 

You are ready to enjoy what was known as “Sardinian breakfast” for some years in the heart of London.


  • Carasau Bread
  • Pecorino Cheese (gratted)
  • Garlic
  • 1 spoon of Extra Vergin Olive Oil (EVO)
  • 2 Eggs
  • Tomato sauce
  • 1 spoon of vinegar
  • salt and pepper