By Massimo Usai

I always want to talk about genuine products and simple dishes.

It is essential because it is the ricotta to live well for a long time and to mature a palate suitable for dishes sometimes more elaborate.

Today I present a fast, genuine and healthy solution, to have an evening in front of the TV, avoiding popcorn, burgers, French fries, or similar things.

Very few elements are needed, namely:

Lard with Myrtle
Fresh tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pistoccu Bread
Cannonau Wine

The products that I propose today are all Sardinian and come from an area of Sardinia, where people live longer in Europe and one of the three longest-lived areas in the world.

Of course, you have to take the tomatoes to your trusted store, take three beautiful, large and possibly of excellent quality.

Tomatoes of excellent quality make a difference in your palate.

Take a slice of Pistoccu Bread, rub a piece of tomato on it;

Then it’s time to tease a bit of lard, a drizzle of oil on top, a pinch of salt, fill the glass with wine, a bite of bruschetta, a sip of wine and then close your eyes.

Few elements, simple, sublime, incomparable: word class food.

You will make a great impression to your guest, and you will prove to be decidedly attentive to health and taste, potentially ready to be a great husband and a good family man.

But if this is not your intention, certainly to win her heart and if instead of a man, you are a woman, and you decide to prepare this cold dinner, then will reveal your image of a modern woman in a single bite of this goodness.

Perfect and cheap solution, for moments to remember forever and if instead of a movie you want to hear a record eating this food, I recommend some artists who can complement the food you are eating.

You can buy your box ready to be delivery in all Europe at “La Bottega di Massimo”

Two Italians: Fabrizio De Andre’ and Pino Daniele

Two Internationals: Tom Waits and Paul Simon

Have a great time