by Massimo Usai

Recently I see more and more often recipes that want to be innovative, original, and want to surprise and scandalize the reader or customer.

Well, in 90% of cases, these are recipes not only that do not make sense, but that annoy.
I understand making pasta for ravioli with a different flour, new and that gives various texture to the pasta, but make it by adding cocoa?

Then what about all those chefs who recently make soups of ingredients just to be original?
Is it not that presenting a simple tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms is at the end if made with top quality porcini mushrooms and handmade pasta, is more original? Are you sure it’s authentic and exciting to mix ten different ingredients, from Asian to Mediterranean products, just to say that you are innovative and cool?

Fortunately, the real chefs, from Massimo Bottura to Martin Berasategui, then move on to Heston Blumenthal to Stefano Baiocco, know how to create and transform classic dishes making their works of Art without being low-level soups.

You are a great chef when you reinvent the famous tiramisu as Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini did at their restaurant “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” in Milan.

New year

They use common sense of combinations of tastes linked to tradition and not putting cotechino on pizza or cocoa in ravioli dough.

In the end, I have to re-evaluate James Olivier, who continues to stay out of the elite of world chefs. Still, his perseverance with keeping the culinary tradition alive only does good for the health and joy that eating well creates for the human being.

This is because, in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, I want to set to myself the goal of this site: proposing essential recipes for everyday life.

Recipes from my grandparents or parents or others that I find during a trip out of town and report with pleasure on this blog precisely because I want “simple things” not to be lost.

Because food is, in my opinion, important like a Leonardo Da Vinci painting or a song from the Beatles: it’s Art.