When we talk about Gnocchi, everyone immediately thinks of “those of potatoes”, which are undoubtedly the most famous.

Anyway, they are also those born last in the Italian tradition, since the potato, until 1500, and only thanks to the Spaniards, arrived in Europe.

Before this period, Gnocchi existed and was made with different doughs, including flours and vegetables or cheeses.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the most popular Gnocchi in Italy are not potatoes but based on vegetables, from spinach to pumpkin.

Very refined and delicious are those based on semolina, up to the famous Sardinian Gnocchi, “malloreddus“, which are often very small and flavored with vegetables and saffron, one of the most popular products in Sardinia.

uncooked italian gnocchi on floured table

To make Gnocchi, you need different utensils, and to create its typical shape, you can use the reverse of the grater for cheese, a fork, or the unique wooden tool that allows you to obtain the distinct grooves that we know well on this pasta.

Everyone likes dumplings (do you know the famous saying “Thursday Gnocchi”? in another post I will explain what it is), but if you have very young children, I mean before the age when they will begin to enjoy the food as it deserves, Gnocchi is the best choice to be sure that they are appreciated.

When you finish making Gnocchi by hand, your thumb will be sore; this is a symptom of being satisfied and enjoying a nice glass of wine, well deserved, while the pasta cooks.