I wrote about making Tagliatelle, the most famous and popular pasta made by hand, in the previous post.

Now let’s look at the other pasta, similar to Tagliatelle, but which have a popular character and a history of their own.

Let’s start with the Fettuccine.

Also called Linguine, they are strips of pasta like Tagliatelle, but the difference is that they have a maximum width of half a centimeter.

Unlike Tagliatelle, they are served slightly drier. They are excellent with seafood and butter and exceptional Parmesan cheese; we get the highest quality dish.

plate of pasta Linguine
Linguine with Black Truffle

If the cut for the Fettuccine and/or Linguine is smaller than half a centimeter, know that you have not made the wrong pasta but have made what in Italy is called the Tagliolini or Taglierini, it depends on which Region of the Peninsula you are in.

This pasta is suitable for enjoying an exquisite meat broth and goes very well with butter and a round of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for children.

In short, from the base of the Tagliatelle, here are obtained three or four other popular kinds of pasta that you will need to combine with unique sauces that you will find on the sauce recipes page.

In the next post, we will talk about other forms of pasta, such as Quadrucci, Maltagliati, and Farfalle.